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Rifle Sling Hardware

Rifle Sling Hardware

We know that a chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link, and a sling is only as strong as it’s hardware. If you can’t trust your rifle sling hardware to hold your sling together, or hold your rifle sling to your rifle, can you really trust the sling?

That’s why we don’t take shortcuts with our sling hardware. We don’t use plastic sling loops, we use hardened steel. No aluminum adjustment mechanisms, and no friction based locking systems. Our rifle sling hardware is built to last, and to not move unless you want it to. 

Rifle Sling Swivels

Rifle sling swivels are a surprisingly overlooked item when people buy slings. And that’s why we only offer quality. What good is a sling swivel if it pops out of a QD socket with too much force? Or if it twists in place? Rifle sling swivels are as important as the sling itself. All the QD rifle sling swivels we offer are made of hardened steel, reliability tested, and built to last.

DIY Rifle Sling Hardware

Everything we offer, every bit of rifle sling hardware, is made to be DIY rifle sling hardware. We’ve stocked the best user-serviceable hardware, so you can do the installs yourself. If you want to switch hardware between rifle slings, or change it at a later time, you’re never locked in. While some rifle slings have built in hardware, we’ve kept our rifle slings without swivels so you can install whatever DIY rifle sling hardware you choose. And when you choose GatMonkey Rifle Sling Hardware, you’re choosing it for life. As always, everything we sell is backed by our Lifetime Quality Guarantee. Whether it’s our rifle slings, or the rifle sling hardware itself.

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  • Sling Swivel, 1.38", Push Button Quick Detach

    Sling Swivel, 1.38", Push Button Quick Detach

    Made from high-strength steel with a corrosion resistant finish, this UTG QD swivel locks your sling into your preferred QD attachment point, whether it's your rail, your endplate, or your stock. Designed to be extremely secure, the QD swivel can...

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