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Camo Rifle Slings

As fun as our Signature Rifle Slings are, some of us like something a little more functional out of our rifle sling patterns. So for those shooters, we offer a complete camo rifle sling line. Camouflage Rifle Slings can be used from tactical rifle slings to hunting rifle slings, or just showing off your favorite new camo drip to friends at the range.

Rifle Sling Camo Patterns

We offer a wide variety of camouflage rifle sling patterns, from desert to jungle, vintage to modern. From M81 Woodland camo slings to Rhodesian Brushstroke, we have all the popular classic camo patterns to fit your existing gear. Want a sling in a camo pattern that we don’t currently offer? Drop us a line! We’re always looking for ways to branch out our camo sling offering if we see there is enough demand!  

Tactical Rifle Slings 

The tactical rifle sling is a broad and far reaching category, but a few priorities top the list. In order to be effective, any tactical rifle sling needs to have rapid adjustment for dynamic situations, as well as a be strong enough to hold your rifle to you, no matter who is grabbing at it.

That’s why all of our tactical rifle slings use a rapid-adjustment cam-lock system, that not only allows smooth and quick adjustment, but also locks the rifle sling firmly in place with teeth that hold the adjustment firmly in place. Every rifle sling we sell is also made out of a high-tensile strength nylon or polymer (pattern dependent), so that it’s durable enough to fit our requirements to qualify as a tactical rifle sling. You aren’t losing your rifle no matter how bad the guy pulling on it is. And of course, we offer plenty of different camo slings for whatever environment your fight brings you to.

Hunting Rifle Slings

The best hunting rifle sling is the one that fits the type of hunt and the rifle you’re hunting with. Hunting slings are also a very personal choice for each weapon, so someone may not want their AR15 sling and their bolt action rifle sling to be the same thing. Or they may hunt in different environments, and want a different camo sling to fit each rifles environment. Hunter slings need to be able to provide offhand support to make long distant shots without support. That’s one of the separating factors between a tactical sling, and a hunting rifle sling. While tactical rifle slings are more likely to be used in closer engagements, hunting rifle slings may need to support you for a several hundred yard shot.

In fact, hunting rifle slings hearken back to the original days of rifle slings. Long treks over rough terrain, and then needing to make a marginal shot at distance. We haven’t forgotten our roots, and that’s why every hunting sling we put out the door is going to take your mind off the weight of your rifle,… until it’s time to support it for that critical shot. And because our selection of camo rifle slings are able to suit any terrain you may be hunting, they’ll help you stay hidden until the moment you’re ready to take that critical shot.

Camo Gun Slings

Whatever your need is, whether it’s a tactical rifle sling, or a hunting rifle sling, we have camo gun slings for you. 

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    The Few. The Proud. The guys with MARPAT slings on their rifles. The Marine's digital camo, MARPAT is famous for being the only good camouflage decision made in the 20 year Global War on Terror. Made from 1” polyester webbing, and built around a...

    $39.99 - $59.93
  • Desert camo two point rifle sling Yuma by Gila Conceal Yuma by Gila Conceal Yuma by Gila Conceal

    Yuma by Gila Conceal

    The Yuma pattern is an arid camouflage optimized for the rocky sand faces of Arizona's low lying deserts. It became the goal of Gila Conceal to develop a pattern that embodied the rock solid mindset required to survive the abrasive conditions found in...

    $39.99 - $59.94
  • Urban Brushstroke

    Urban Brushstroke

    If your Rhodesia is the Urban Jungle, you'll appreciate the colorway of our Urban Brushstroke pattern. Giving a stylish pattern to a functional urban camouflage, it fits perfectly with your MAS Gray and Urban Grey gear to keep a low profile in the...

    $39.99 - $59.93
  • Tiger Stripe

    Tiger Stripe

    Made popular in the Vietnam War by United States Special Forces, Tiger Stripe is an enduring and timeless camouflage still occasionally seen in use by Green Berets today. Tiger Stripe has earned a place in pop culture (and gun culture) right next to M81...

    $39.99 - $59.93
  • Rhodesian Brushstroke Rhodesian Brushstroke Rhodesian Brushstroke

    Rhodesian Brushstroke

    Short shorts, chest-rigs, and the FAL. There isn't an old school look cooler than Rhodesian Brushstroke. Made popular during the Rhodesian Brush War of the '60s and '70s, add a classic symbol of the fight for freedom to your rifle with this sling...

    $39.99 - $59.93
  • Woodland


    M81. Woodland Camo. God’s Plaid. One of the most beloved camouflage patterns of all time, Woodland Camo was adopted as the official US Military Camouflage pattern in 1981, and has been beloved ever since.  Made from 1” polyester webbing,...

    $39.99 - $59.93
  • Russian Red Dawn Russian Red Dawn Russian Red Dawn

    Russian Red Dawn

    WOLVERINES! Probably not what you want to hear when wearing this sling, because this is the classic camouflage pattern created for the Russians in the classic Red Dawn. Besides a classic movie pattern sure to bring compliments at the range (or at your...

    $39.99 - $59.93
  • Desert Battle Dress Desert Battle Dress Desert Battle Dress

    Desert Battle Dress

    There are few camouflage patterns as iconic as the Desert Battle Dress "Chocolate Chip" pattern. From the first Gulf War, through the early days of the Global War on Terror, the pattern has seen more action than your local college frathouse.  Made...

    $39.99 - $59.93
  • Blaze Orange Camo Blaze Orange Camo Blaze Orange Camo

    Blaze Orange Camo

    A modern camouflage sling in classic Hunter Orange. Have a truly unique rifle sling for your unique rifle. Need to meet local hunting regulations? Blaze Orange Camo get's you there in style! Made from 1” polyester webbing, and built around a steel...

    $39.99 - $59.93
  • RELV Copperhead

    RELV Copperhead

    For those who call dry & austere conditions home, the Relv Copperhead is the final touch to any rifle that spends most it’s time in the desert or around more sand, rocks, and mountains than trees, rivers, and swamps. Part of the Relv family of...

    $44.99 - $64.93


    For lovers of a multi-purpose colorway, but wanting it in a more unique pattern, the Relv MOAB offers a natural flow to break up profiles match a green and natural background. Part of the Relv family of camouflages, they offer new and exciting patterns...

    $44.99 - $64.93
  • RELV Tunnel Rat

    RELV Tunnel Rat

    Made from 1” mil-spec nylon webbing, and built around a steel adjustment cam and steel adjusters, this two point sling is both quick-adjust, and built to last. A 550 Paracord pull tab gives you the ability to rapidly tighten or loosen your sling to...

    $44.99 - $64.93
  • RELV Marauder

    RELV Marauder

    A modern and unique urban camouflage, this is an organically shaped pattern that still gives you a night-time colorway, for more urban environments. Part of the Relv family of camouflages, they offer new and exciting patterns when you want to stand out...

    $44.99 - $64.93
13 of 13 Items