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We’re GatMonkey, and we believe that rifle slings aren’t some unsolved mystery. So much gear exists on the market today that over-complicates a simple problem, and the rifle sling is as old as the rifle itself. Every rifle sling that GatMonkey produces is made to be durable, functional, and long-lasting. We use high-quality components in slings, because they hold high-quality rifles. Soft enough to be comfortable, but durable enough to hold up to your abuse. Flexible enough to work around your gear, but sturdy enough to provide you with the support you need. And of course, they always look good enough to turn heads at the range. What else could you want out of a rifle sling?

Custom Rifle Slings

We pride ourselves on having the most unique collection of custom rifle slings on the market. From camo rifle slings to backpacking rifle slings to fun patterns, custom rifle slings are GatMonkey’s bread-n-butter. If you have an idea for a custom rifle sling, we would love to hear it from you! In fact, if you provide your own artwork, we’ll even do a custom rifle sling batch just for you (minimum order quantities apply for all custom sling orders).

Backpacking Style Rifle Slings

Every outdoorsman has at one time needed a backpacking rifle sling that is both durable and resilient, but also light and small enough to stay out of the way. GatMonkey makes the most durable custom rifle slings patterns to blend into whatever environment you need a backpack style rifle sling for. 

Long treks in the wilderness frequently encounter tough conditions and rough terrain. But even light wear repeated over time can wear at the best materials (look at the Grand Canyon). That’s why we use the most durable nylon, steel, and polyester; so your backpacking rifle sling can stand up to whatever you throw at it. Backed by our lifetime guarantee. 

1 Inch Wide Rifle Sling

One inch wide rifle slings are for those who want the most versatility out of their gear, and that’s why GatMonkey makes all of it’s custom rifle slings 1 inch wide. Why are one inch rifle slings so versatile? Because of their flexibility. One inch wide slings for rifles allow the user to use the sling as a makeshift support structure, helping them make more accurate shots when it really counts.

Rifle Slings Without Swivels

It’s no secret that today’s rifleman is looking for modularity. With the enormous aftermarket that exists around today’s firearms, we offer our rifle slings without swivels because it allows every end-user to make the right choice for them. While we also offer QD swivels over in our Sling Hardware, by default we offer rifle slings without swivels because we want you to make the right choice for you and your sling, not what we decide it should be. 


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  • Hawaiian Dream Hawaiian Dream

    Hawaiian Dream

    Part of our "Big Luau" collection, let this tropical island pattern wash away your fears of government over-reach. Cool blue & green hues make this an ideal pattern for operating anywhere, from your beach chair to the Tiki Bar. Made from 1”...

    $39.99 - $59.93
  • Blaze Orange Camo Blaze Orange Camo Blaze Orange Camo

    Blaze Orange Camo

    A modern camouflage sling in classic Hunter Orange. Have a truly unique rifle sling for your unique rifle. Need to meet local hunting regulations? Blaze Orange Camo get's you there in style! Made from 1” polyester webbing, and built around a steel...

    $39.99 - $59.93
  • Sweet Explosion Sweet Explosion

    Sweet Explosion

    Inspired by our friends at Thigh Huggers, Sweet Explosion is part of our Signature Sling series. A callout to the famous "pineapple grenades" of WWII, get the most bang for your buck with a sling that will sweeten up any rifle.  Made from...

    $39.99 - $59.93
  • Signature Banana Signature Banana

    Signature Banana

    This is our GatMonkey Official Pattern! Our Banana sling started it all, and is the perfect sling for anyone who doesn't take themselves to seriously. Pick one up for your favorite rifle, hit the range, and go bananas! (Sorry, we couldn't help...

    $39.99 - $59.93
  • Red Flannel

    Red Flannel

    Part of our Signature Sling collection, Red Flannel is a more traditional pattern for anyone who wants something unique but not as bold as some of our other styles. A classic style, make GarandThumb proud with our red flanel pattern. Made from 1”...

    $39.99 - $59.93
  • Los Muertos Los Muertos

    Los Muertos

    Part of our Signature Sling collection, Los Muertos is the perfect Day of the Dead sling. With an edgier pattern, these sugar skulls make it clear the owner means business.... but also probably enjoys some good tequila.  Made from 1”...

    $39.99 - $59.93
  • PBJ


    Peanut Butter Jelly time! Simple, classic, and fun, the PBJ sling is something everybody loves.  Made from 1” polyester webbing, and built around a steel adjustment cam and steel adjusters, this two point sling is both quick-adjust, and built...

    $39.99 - $59.93
  • Assault Snowmen Assault Snowmen

    Assault Snowmen

    Part of our Signature Sling collection, the Assault Snowman will help keep things cool when the situation gets hot. Whether you live in a colder environment, or you just want to make a statement, the Assault Snowman is sure to stand out. Made from...

    $39.99 - $59.93
32 of 32 Items